Soft Drink

Best qualities of various flavoures of Mario makes people to drink this authentic soft drink.


Our company presents the delicious companion of variety of flavours which contain Jeraajoy, Oranjoy, Limbu Masala and many others.

Why People liked

Tasteful , rich colours and one of the best drink that attracts people madly, One and only Mario.

Limbu Masala

with refreshing taste limbu and pani are the delicious refreshing drinks for all seasons.

Nimbu paani also as called lemon water, is one of the healthiest and easiest to make.Having said that, it has many health benefits if included in your day to day life.


a water-soluble vitamin that doubles as a powerful antioxidant and plays a central role in immune function.

Oranges are also good for the skin because of the presence of antioxidants that can help fight skin damage and even help reduce wrinkles